August 15

Summer camp continues at The Village of Hope with just two more 12-day sessions before school starts!  This year we budgeted for 350 children. Thanks to your generosity and support, we’ve been able to bring 371 children.

More than 260 of the children who attended are kids we placed into families within the last year. We bring them back so they can have fun, reconnect with friends, and tell us how they are adjusting to life with their new families.

Mariana told us that after summer camp ends September 8th, we will need to paint and repair The Village of Hope to make it look “like new” again.  This is normal wear and tear with so many children running and playing throughout the building.

We will paint the rooms, replace tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen, clean carpets and do some carpentry repairs.  It’s a 10,000 square foot home – so it will cost $5,000 to do this.

50 friends and partners giving $100. . .or 100 friends and partners giving $50. . .or 200 giving $25 will meet this need.  Please pray about what you can do to help us.

The Bible says, “Children are a gift from God.” They are so precious to Him, that the Bible mentions children 1,524 times – more than most other subjects.

“[Jesus said], ‘Let the little children come to Me’…And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them” (Mark 10:13-16 NKJV).

Imagine a child being touched by Jesus, held in His arms and blessed by Him. That’s our mission each day – to be like Jesus and rescue and “bless” children by changing their lives forever.

Let me share a little about  Simona. She is 3 years old and was abandoned by her mother at birth. She spent the first 1-½ years of her life in an orphanage. A pediatric nurse, who volunteers at The Village of Hope, told Mariana about her. Mariana asked Child Protection Services to sign her over to us – and they did!

Mariana had the perfect parents for her – a young couple who had been trying to have a family of their own and couldn’t. They were desperate for a little girl, and fell in love with Simona the moment they saw her. Today she’s a beautiful, blessed, happy child.

Another placement into a foster family are two siblings: 8 year-old Maria and 5 year-old Sebastian. They were abandoned by their mother when she ran off with a man who didn’t want them.

A neighbor in the next apartment heard them crying, called Child Protection Services, and brought them to us last November. They were traumatized and shy when they arrived, and it took time for our social workers to gain their trust.

In one of Mariana’s foster family information meetings she met Sylvia and Leonard. Sadly, their son had passed away several years before, so they wanted to foster some children. They immediately connected with Sebastian and Maria and took them into their home.

The smiles on their faces that these children have found a new family where they feel loved, secure, and cared for – Sylvia is a wonderful mother.

Your support each month enables us to rescue children like Simona, Maria and Sebastian, place them into families – and “bless” them – as Jesus did!

For $43.20 per month or $518.40 per year you can help these families with necessities like food, clothing, medical and dental care.

Will you prayerfully consider helping us this month?  Your gift in any amount will change the life of a child forever!

You can call my office at 1-800-964-9846 and put a gift on your credit card, or give on this website by clicking on the GIVE tab on the top of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you,