September 1
156 Children Need Back-To-School Supplies!
As you read this, the final 12-day summer camp session is underway. Thank you for making summer camp 2018 a great success!  Because of your generosity – 371 children attended this year!
Mariana and her team are also getting the children ready to go back to school.  Right now, we have 156 children that need our help with back-to-school supplies – things like backpacks, books, note paper, pens and pencils, etc.  If you have children in school, you know how much it costs to get the basic supplies!
Mariana knows a local supplier who works with the schools, and he is willing to provide these items for us at cost.  It will take $17 to provide each child with back-to-school supplies.
Would you prayerfully consider providing supplies for one child $17. . .2 children $34. . .4 children $68. . . or 10 children at $170 ?  Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.
We also continue to rescue at-risk children on a daily basis at The Village of Hope and find foster families to take them.  Let me share the stories of a few of the children we have placed this month.
14-year-old Razvan and his 5-year-old brother Rual were found begging on the streets in Timisoara.  They are from a large gypsy family, and have seven other siblings. Razvan was being sexually abused, so he ran away from home and took his little brother Rual with him, fearing he would also be abused.
They spent five months with us at The Village of Hope, so they could heal, be loved and cared for, and regain their trust, before being placed into a foster family.  Razvan will be starting school this month, and wants to study accounting.
We were able to place Rual and another girl, 11-year-old Gianina, with a family in the same village as Razvan – so he is able to see his little brother on a daily basis. Gianina came to us very withdrawn after years of abuse and neglect. One of our psychologists has worked with her for 3 months to help her begin to recover from the horror she experienced.
Mariana says it is a slow process for these children to heal, but the light is coming back into their eyes, laughter is replacing fear, play is replacing aggression – as they realize they are in a safe and loving environment. We will continue weekly therapy sessions to be sure they are adjusting to their new life.
Another child is 2-year-old Mihai.  Child Protection Services contacted Mariana and asked her to intervene and assist Mihai’s grandparents.  The little boy’s parents went to Europe to find work so they could send some financial support, but the grandparents haven’t heard from them for over a year.
They are able to keep Mihai at night and over the weekend, but need a place for him to stay during the day. Mihai gets dropped off each morning, and stays with us at The Village of Hope, where he gets to play and have fun with the other little kids on the 3rd floor.  He is a very happy, sweet little boy.
I tell you these stories in all of my letters because I want you to know these are “real lives” – “real children” – with “real stories” of abuse and neglect – that you are helping us rescue and bring hope and love into their lives.
Today I was reading these words – “We are partners working together for God” (1Co 3:9 GNT). Debby and I could not do any of this without our partners. Mariana and her great team work tirelessly day after day – but it is only because of your support each month that we are able to continue this great work.
It takes $43.20 per month . . . ($518.40 per year) to place a child into a family – please prayerfully consider becoming a foster family sponsor – and change the life of a child forever!
You can call my office at 1-800-964-9846 and put a gift on your credit card, or give on this website by clicking on the GIVE tab on the top of this page.
I look forward to hearing from you this week.